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This Is Your Personal Page

Your personal page provides you with a flexible, highly useful area within your portal where you can store and share content that's important to you. As the owner of your personal page, you can perform almost any page-related task.

To add content to your personal page, first click the Edit link. You can then add items and portlets to the page. To remove the text block you're currently reading: 1) Click Edit, 2) Click the Actions icon, then 3) Click Hide or Delete.

You can keep files, links, and other items for your personal use, or choose to share this information by displaying your personal page to public users. Or you can choose to share your personal page only with specific users or groups. If your personal page contains both private and public content, consider creating sub-pages to secure private content.

By default, your personal page uses a page template to control the layout. If you want to change the layout by adding or removing regions, simply detach the page from the page template

For more information about editing your personal page, and pages in general, click the Help link.