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Court Procedure for Court of Appeal

1) The aggrieved party files a Notice of Appeal by completing Form MS 29 according to the Court level within fourteen (14) days after the case has been decided with the Permission to Appeal (if necessary).

2) A copy of the Notice of Appeal is submitted to the Respondent;

3) The Respondent files a Response to Notice of Appeal in Form MS 31 within fourteen (14) days from the date of receiving the Notice of Appeal;

4) Appellant receives the Explanatory Notes together with the Notice within a period of sixteen (16) weeks from the date the Notice of Appeal was filed;

5) The appellant shall file the Appeal Petition within ten (10) days from the date of the receipt of the Explanatory Notes and reasons for accepting the decision;

  • Five (5) copies of the Appeal Record must be provided by the Appellant for the Lower Court of Appeal to the High Court; 
  • Seven (7) copies of the Appeal Record must be provided by the Appellant for the High Court of Appeal to the Court of Appeal. 
6) The Appeal Record together with the Notice are submitted to the Respondent for hearing;

7) The Hearing of appeal case begins;
  • With the Appellant's argument based on the Appeal Petition;
  • Counter argument by the Respondent; and
  • Rehearing of the Appellant’s argument (if any).

8) The Court of Appeal makes a judgement whether to reverse, to alter, to amend, to order retrial or to stay, according to whichever is relevant.

For Criminal Case only

1) No appeal may be made if an accused has pleaded guilty and is convicted on his own admission, except to the extent or error of judgement.

2) If the Appellant is in prison, he may give the officer in charge of the prison a notice of appeal whether orally or in writing the particulars required to be included in the Appeal Petition.

3) The prison officer shall immediately send the notice and the petition to the court where the decision is being appealed.