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Security Policy

  • Contribution and dissemination of prohibited information and negative materials contrary to national policies are prohibited.
  • Dissemination of information with political overtones, agitation or racist in nature or anything that affects the reputation of the Ministry and the Public Service is prohibited.
  • Visitors who want to use the facility as a forum are required to register as a security measure to avoid occurrence of undesirable situations.
  • Visitors must ensure that the files sent through attachments are free of viruses.
  • Visitors are fully responsible for the information keyed.
  • All information to be loaded into the E-Shariah Portal must obtain the approval of the Head of Division/Department.
  • Web page of agency or company that requires the link to the E-Shariah Portal or otherwise must obtain the approval of the Head of Department.
  • Intrusion or attempt to hack into the E-Shariah Portal is prohibited.