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A Course on Understanding Criminals and Procedures

By Noor Aini Binti Baba  

MELAKA February 12, 2008 - The Training Branch of Department of Shariah Judiciary Malaysia has organised a Course on Understanding Criminals and Procedures from February 12 - 15, 2008 at Hotel Seri Malaysia Melaka.

The objective of the course was to improve the understanding and skills regarding Shariah Criminal Laws and Shariah Criminal Procedures

Focus ... Among participants who attended

The main objectives of the course were:

  • To provide an understanding and exposure on Shariah Criminal Law which is enforced in Malaysia and Shariah Criminal Procedures which are used at the Court;
  • To improve the skills in organising work processes that are related to Shariah Criminal Law and Procedures which are in use in the the Shariah Courts; and
  • To enable participants to exchange views and share experiences and knowledge in their respective line of duties.

    FULL FOCUS .... give participants full attention and commitment

    The programme was organised by Senior Officers of Department of Shariah Judiciary Malaysia who are attached at State Shariah Judiciary Departments and State Department of Religious Affairs as Chief Registrars, Judges at Shariah Lower Courts and Shariah High Courts, and Shariah Chief Prosecutors, who have vast experience and expertise in their own line of duties - Islamic law and judiciary.

    The course lecturers were:
  • Zulfikri Yasoa (HMT, MSWP)
    Topic: Shariah Criminal Offenses found in the Law
  • Mohd Fouzi Mokhtar (HMR, JAKESS)
    Topics: Shariah Criminal Offenses in:
    • Islamic Administrative Law in Islam
    • Islamic Family Law (penalty)
    • Criminal Procedure Law
  • Shamsuddin Hussain (JAWI Chief Prosecutor)
    Topic: Criminal Procedure Law
  • Abdul Razak Nayan (Chief Registrar, JKSNS)
    Topic: Review Procedures and Shariah Criminal Appeals

The course was attented by a total of 27 participants comprising Shariah Officers and Assistant Shariah Officers in grades LS27 and LS17 respectively.

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