1. What is faraidís case?
  Faraidís case is a case registered to resolve the division of the inheritance left by the deceased. Inheritance is divided into two:a) Immovable property such as land and house b) Movable property such as bank saving, shares, EPF, Tabung Haji, insurance, cooperative, vehicle, jewelleries et cetera.
2. What are the documents required for application of faraidís certificate in the Syariah Court?
  Required documents are: i) Completed application form. ii) Copy of death certificate of the deceased. iii) Copy of heirís identity card/birth certificate/declaration.iv) Copy of property title/account book/statement.v) Certificate of property valuation if any.vi) Processing money according to the full value of inheritance (RM30.00/RM20.00/RM10.00)
3. What are the fundamentals considered by the Court to allow a person to receive an inheritance on the ground of marriage?
  The fundamentals considered are:i) Whether the marriage is valid or not according to Hukum Syaraí.ii) Whether the death occurred before or after the marriage solemnization. Whether the couple had together or not. iv) Whether the property is owned by the deceased or not. v) Whether in iddah of talak rajíie (revocable repudiation) if divorced.
4. What are the processes involved in the faraid certification application?
  Work processes involved are:i) Submit application.ii) Accept application.iii) Check.iv) If completed, accept and sign.v) Heir investigation carried out on registration day or on the other day fixed.vi) When the investigation is complete, the calculation is made.vii) Get the certificate within 5 days after the heirsí investigation is complete.viii) Notification will be given on completion of the investigation.
5. What is status of the nominee of the deceasedís estate?
  National Fatwa Committee in 1973 gave its opinion in the Mesyuarat Raja-Raja on 20th September 1973 and agreed that the nominee of EPF, post office savings, bank, insurance, and co-operation company are those who execute a will or executor of the deceased. They can receive money from the deceased's resources to be divided to the person entitled according to faraid.